About Therianthrope

Best described as “New World Jazz,” Therianthrope is the musical duo of nylon string guitarist, Dusty Brough, and tabla percussionist, Miles Shrewsbery. Although their first album was released in Spring 2014, the initial idea for this group was thought of years before in between sets at Dusty and Miles’ favorite surf break in San Diego, CA.  Therianthrope’s music is inspired from Indian classical, jazz harmonies, flamenco, gypsy music, killer grooves, and live loops. They unabashedly break down genre barriers while drawing from their own training in their respective music traditions.

While the core of Therianthrope is a duo, they often collaborate with other musicians to create various ensembles of trios and quartets.  Current contributing members are, violinist, Fabrice Martinez, and alto saxophonist, Paul Bertin.

Dusty Brough

Guitarist Dusty Brough brilliantly combines his roots in Flamenco with Jazz, Folk, Brazilian, Gypsy and Balkan music. As a composer, he integrates these eclectic influences with his unique approach to music and a “blatant disregard for genre boxes” (Joe Bendel, Epoch Times). Brough’s nylon-string guitar playing is marked by an unparalleled agile technique that supports a buoyant aesthetic. Dusty creates something truly remarkable by seamlessly blending lush harmonies, intricate rhythms and improvisation, with a fluidity, presence, and rhythm that can only be compared to the rolling waves of the ocean.


Miles Shrewsbery

Miles Shrewsbery is an American tabla artist and disciple of Sri Abhiman Kaushal and Pandit Nandkumar Bhatlouande of Hyderabad, India, as well as a co-owner of Avaaz Records.  Miles is trained in the Farukhabad Gharana of his teachers and is a respected performer of its rich, aesthetic repertoire through his years of dedicated study and practice. Miles has performed all over the world in prestigious venues such as the Symphony Space (New York City), Smithsonian Museum (Washington D.C.), Tokyo Museum of Modern Art (Tokyo, Japan), Royal Horticultural Hall (London, England), and St. Paul Cathedral (New York City)


Contributing Artists

Fabrice Martinez

Fabrice began his musical journey at the age of eighteen, traveling all across Europe a few times over by hitchhiking with his various instruments in hand until at age twenty he decided to discover the weld a bit slower by embarking on a 7 year odyssey through western and Eastern Europe in a hand built, mule drawn caravan which took him from the south of France through Italy, Slovenia Hungary and finally Romania. For ten years he performed with his group Croque Mule throughout Europe as well as with Vinicio Capossella and various other Italian and American artists before forming Fishtank Ensemble in 2006.

Paul Bertin

Paul has spent most of his life in music. Classically trained, he received the Diplôme d’Etudes Musicales after 12 years of saxophone studies at the Conservatoire National de Region in Besançon, France. The seed for  jazz and improvised music was planted after meeting,  studying and performing with flute virtuoso Magic Malik in 2005, and saxophonist Julien Lourau in 2006 in the context of extensive master-classes.

After 2 years working as a sound designer in Los Angeles,  Paul relocated to San Francisco in 2010.
Delving in the fertile creative grounds of the Bay area,  he had the chance to perform with artists such as Diana Gameros, Dan Cantrell, Dusty Brough,  and  tour the U.S. and Internationally with Justin Ancheta,  MWE,  Hot Blood Orkestar, Inspector Gadje, Makrù… He has been seen in most venues of the Bay Area, as well as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Vancouver, New Orleans, New York,  Mexico City, Paris, Naples, Istanbul…