Therianthrope CD

Therianthrope – Released 25 February 2014

NEW WORLD JAZZ.  Therianthrope’s genre-less approach to composition and improvising weaves fabrics of nylon-string guitar loops with layers of polyrhythmic tabla and percussion.  Their debut self-titled album draws from the musician’s respective tradtions in flamenco guitar and Indian Classical tabla, but utilizes them in radical new ways that are both innovative and unexpected as well as seeped in tradition.

Dusty Brough – Guitars
Miles Shrewsbery – Tabla, Percussion


CD: $10.00
MP3s: $8.00

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About Therianthrope

Best described as “New World Jazz,” Therianthrope is a duo of nylon string guitarist, Dusty Brough, and tabla/percussionist, Miles Shrewsbery.  Therianthrope’s music is inspired from Indian classical, jazz harmonies, flamenco, killer grooves, and live loops. They unabashedly break down genre barriers while drawing from their own training in their respective music traditions.

Contributing Artists

 Although the core of Therianthrope is the musical duo of Miles and Dusty, they often feature other instruments and musicians: Violinist, Fabrice Martinez, originally from France but now based in Los Angeles, has performed with his group Croque Mule throughout Europe as well as with Vinicio Capossella and various other Italian and American artists before forming Fishtank Ensemble in 2006.  Saxophonist Paul Bertin, also originally from France, but now based in San Fransisco, is a classically trained musician turned brilliant improviser and band leader of his project, Le Peche.